Women in web business: could it be for you?


In recent years the world has seen some incredible success stories of women who have been successful in traditionally male dominated industries; finding new paths to the top, or just getting there more quickly than their male colleagues.


Look at Britain’s Martha Lane-Fox (or Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho to give her proper title); who used innovative price comparison algorithms and business savvy to create the multi-million pound business Then there’s Nigeria’s first female billionaire Folorunsho Alakija, who’s banking and oil empire is now worth $2.5bn. Slowly but surely women are becoming more properly represented not only on the Forbes rich list, but through all fields of business.


Around the world female entrepreneurship is now becoming not only normal, but tremendously successful. Several microfinance lenders in developing countries focus exclusively or preferentially on women applicants, knowing that such loans are not only likely to be well spent; they will have greater community benefits.


Sadly even in the supposedly developed world women still face an unjustifiable pay gap in private companies, so many are turning to the internet to start businesses on a level playing field; like Ariana Huffington – blogger and founder of the eponymous newspaper. However if you’re looking to start an online business there are several fields which you can explore for very little starting cost. Examples include blogging, offering local services and vending either through your own site or a platform like eBay.


One example of a business with low barriers to entry is affiliate marketing, which is often conducted for online casinos or sportsbooks. As an affiliate, you get paid for every customer you refer to your client. However, there is a way to benefit for life from your referrals – look, or ask for, for an affiliate deal with “revenue share” which means you get a cut (up to 50%) of the money your referral makes for the client. A good example of an incentivised referral scheme is that of Springbok casino, which can be found here; the link also provides other useful info.


Affiliate businesses can range in scope from a junk web address which might generate a few clicks per month, to online communities with learning resources and a permanent staff, like Like any business, you get out of affiliate marketing what you put in. A few banner ads might net a few low value referrals, but to build you’re prepared to build a site which people come back to find relevant information. A good affiliate is always trying to add value for both customer and client, and if you get the balance right you’ve the makings of a good business.


I hope this article has encouraged you to explore the possibility of starting your own Women in web business: could it be for you?