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Lynn (Managing Director):

"Working with women from different backgrounds is challenging, interesting, fun and it makes me laugh, cry and smile. I feel I am alive, and we are growing stronger every day."

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Zukiswa (Team Leader):

A single mother of one, little baby girl

"You cannot sit back and wait for the government to give you opportunities. You must wake up and do something that can make a better life for you and your family by yourself. I am so happy here. I have learned so many things. This is not just my job, it is my life."

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Bobo (Team Leader):

A single woman

"I thank God for giving me the opportunity to work at All Women Recycling! I am happy to do this job because it supports me and gives me a good life. I wish that this business be known in so many other countries and was bigger for other women who don't have jobs like us in South Africa."


Married with two boys

"This job helps me to support my family and pays the school fees for my eldest son in the Congo and the younger one in South Africa. This job is very important to me and I like my job."

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A single mother of two

"To me this job means a lot and I'm lucky to get a job like this. I learn so many things here like how to treat customers, respect for co-workers and to work in a team. To me it is not just a job, it's my everything. Most of all we want our community clean that's why I'm here! Nothing can separate me from my job!


"I love this product that I have been taught to make. Ultimately I want to be a doctor when I grow up."


"This job enables me to learn all kinds of things which will help me when I start my own food retail business one day."


"I come to work to learn as much as I can  I want to be a rich woman."


"I love learning everything and make this knowledge into starting my own business one day."


"To better my life by earning a wage and learning skills I want one day to be a personal assistant to a good leader."


"To learn new things especially the management of running a business on a day to day way."


"I come to work to learn new things. I want my own business someday."