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Each of our ladies is extraordinary and valuable . Read our unique stories and join us on our journey.
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    I am a married mother of two children a boy and a girl. I started at All Women Recycling as the Woodstock shop assistant and now am the OPS manager at the factory.


    I love chocolate, love dancing and being allowed to think for myself. Lynn says I’m her right brain.

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    Im a Sangoma in training and have been through tough times, but my constant is All Women Recycling. 


    I love to work hard and keep my mind focused. It is my time now to shine and learn as much as I can. 

    I love the things we make, and feel proud of them.

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    I am Tanzanian - I have a son aged 4. He still lives there and I am saving up to bring him to Cape Town.


    I want to become a teacher in my village and working at the company allows me to learn many things and save to get to my dream.

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    Being the Team leader has taught me a lot about myself, brought challenges and understanding to my life.


    I am still learning new things every day.  I have three children and travel on two trains every morning to get to work. I love my job.

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    I am a single mother, who found about All Women Recycling through Nono. 


    She took me to see Lynn, who heard my story and asked me to stay for the day to see if I liked the work. I am still here and am part of the team. I am learning to do everything.

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    Its hard to come to a new country as a single mother and to find work. I am part of the team at All Women Recycling,  my son is in Congo and I send money to him through my family.

    Hopefully I will bring him to Cape town soon. The team say I need to smile more like Babalwa. I am shy I think. Or just serious.

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    A mother-to-be with two children already. This work teaches me a lot, each day is different as we have many products now. 

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    I am a sister of Fikiswa and the youngest one in the family. It is hard find work here in South Africa.


    I am NKHOSA from the western cape where I go back to every year to spend time with my family and live our traditional ways.

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    I have been at All Women Recycling the longest from our early days around the dining room table to me being the I.PET Queen.

    Getting to know how to make everything and selling cosmetics from home, my life is getting better and I learn a lot.

    As a single mother of two, work is hard to find for many women and I have a full time job which helps me with my own small business from home. I love making my products, I am proud of them and what we do here.

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    They say I have a great smile, and I love that. Working in the team is fun as well as reaching deadlines at times.


    We learn a lot and hope we grow to building our own businesses one day.

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    I think I am the youngest in the team, I wash all the bottles and cut them before they get made into our gift boxes.


    I come from Malawi , I have a brother here which is important to me, and Lynn is my South African mother.

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    Lynn often comes in and asks me to look at a new idea and together we create new sewing projects. I have a son nearly finishing school so work is important to me I have been sewing for years.

    I really like working on new things. She challenges me and makes me think differently. I was scared at first but now 

    I look forward to challenges. No one has ever valued us before and now we all feel valued.

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Contact hours: 9 A.M - 4 P.M

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Email: Office@allwomenrecycling.com

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